The 5 Points Crimes

There has been an increase in malicious activities in the 5 Points Area. The culprit who is claiming these crimes is the elusive Pie Bandit. They have stated that their ultimate plan is to sabotage the Denver Fringe Festival. But why? 

There has been no success in finding the pie bandit and time is running out. With no time left, and wanting to deal with it quietly, you have been recruited by the Fringe Festival and a private investigator closely connected to the case to “discreetly” take care of this problem. 

Utilizing a unique Scavenger Hunt-based app, TURFHUNT, the audience will be given the list of suspects and locations to find the Pie Bandit before he/she/them takes out the next show starting in 60 minutes!

You need to find out who the Pie Bandit is, why they want to sabotage the festival, and most importantly, where they will strike next…


*Tickets are best purchased individually for the best experience. This is a 1:1 designed experience. 

General/All Ages
Physical Theatre, Outdoor, Storytelling, Immersive

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