A Sea Fable

Clumsy sailors lost at sea are sent on a quest by Amphitrite and Nereus in search of ‘soul pennies’ in exchange for a return to the surface. Join us for a comical and thrilling aerial dance adaptation of a classic Greek tale!

Note: All seating is general admission

General/All Ages
Live at a Venue
Circus, Outdoor, KidsFringe, Family-friendly
Zabiti Circus Wagon
at the corner of 26th and Curtis Street 2500 Curtis St, Denver, CO 80205

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A Sea Fable

(In alphabetical order)


Jeanne Bayerl, Galene (Goddess of the Calm Seas)

Bryan Dumpert, Nereus (Old Man of the Sea)

Emma Dumpert, Eurybia (Goddess of Mastery of the Seas)

Amy Haderer, Eidothea (Sea Goddess of Prophecy)

Amalia Holt, Stheno (Sea Spirit)

Erica Holt, Thalassa (Primordial Goddess of the Sea)

Tim Holt, Sailor Wingus

Emily Hirth, Medusa (Sea Spirit)

Brion Humphrey, Sailor Dingus

Rachael O'Hayre Sparks, Amphitrite (Goddess of the Sea)

Lyric Swagman, Euryale (Sea Spirit)

Faith Brooke-Lynn Walls, Brizo (Goddess of Sailors)

Marci Wojciechowski, Circe (An Enchantress)


Technical Crew:

Theatrical Director:  Erica Holt

Technical Director and Set Design: Tim Holt

Aerial Dance/Dance Director: Marci Wojciechowski

Makeup/Costume Design: Rachael Sparks

Art Production, Props and Set Design: Amy Haderer

Clowning/Improv Coach: Brion Joseph Humphrey

Tumbling/Gymnastics Coach: Bryan Dumpert

Sound Director/Mixer: Ben Holt

Marek Holt: Technical Crew

Jim Heck: Technical Crew


Soul Penny Circus Crew and Production Team

Production Chief: Faith Brooke-Lynn Walls

Budget and Accounting Chief: Jeanne Bayerl

Theatrical Director Erica Holt

Aerial Dance/Dance Director: Marci Wojciechowski

Technical Director and Set Design: Tim Holt

Creative Director, Art Production, Props, and Set Design: Amy Haderer

Makeup/Costume Design: Rachael Sparks

Clowning/Improvisation Coach- Brion Humphrey

Tumbling/Gymnastics Coach-Bryan Dumpert

Social Media/Photography Director- Emma Dumpert

Sound Direction-Ben Holt



Special thanks to:

Iluminar Aerial at the Apollo Center 

Travis Moon

Emmy Moon

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