Roots, Ritual & Renewal

Ray Terrill Dance Group, a contemporary dance company has been described as a "dance experience that needs no translation." The repertory of original works combine subtleties of emotion with universally understood imagery to create dances that are both thought-provoking and accessible. We invite the audience to experience what one critic called "a celebration of being."

The Dances:

  • Lost & Found
  • Cycles 
  • Remembrance | You Were Loved
  • Shining Point

Note: This video can be viewed anytime June 24-27.

General/All Ages
Dance, Virtual

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Artistic Director: Ray Terrill

Dancers: Rachel Barnes, Katie Cook, Megan Gibbins, Bethany Hansen, Ann Govig Jacobson, Katie Sillanpa Johnson, Jennifer Mack, Christina Mohn Munter, Paulette Mattson, Ray Terrill, Sally Murphy Toso

Videoscape film and animation: Nicole Erdmann

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