Recipe Shared

Recipe Shared is a digital ‘docu-memory’ series inspired by the real-life interviews of seniors living in Denver’s eastside neighborhoods. Each piece is grounded in the inquiry, “What’s your recipe for community?” The filmed vignettes combine interview transcripts, audio recordings, historical research, satire, movement, dance, and theatre to honor neighborhood histories through the personal stories of its residents.   

To create Recipe Shared, Artibus met with seniors (through digital platforms) particularly isolated by Covid-19 to conduct interviews and offer creative companionship.  The project was intended to be a live theatrical performance and was pivoted to film during COVID restrictions. 

Note: This video can be viewed anytime June 24-27.

General/All Ages
Storytelling, Theatre, Video, Virtual

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A Theatre Artibus Collaboration 

Core Cooks: Buba Basishvili, James Brunt, Nicole Dietze, Meghan Frank, Lynde Rosario

Video-chef: Mary Grace Legg 

Core Collaborators:  Kid Astronaut, Franklin Cruz, Lisa Engelken, Adrienne Martin-Fullwood, Elias Garcia, Bri Hill-Artsy Q, Camryn Nailah, Soul Stories, Dane Torbenson, Lisa Young 

Additional Casting: IDEA Stages 

Recipe Shared is funded in part by grants from Arts and Society, Rino Arts District Social Impact Fund, and the Dixon Family Charitable Fund. 

Content Warning: Two of the videos (Chuckles and Estate) contain adult language and mention racial slurs, racial trauma and violence against Black and Brown bodies, that can be disturbing or triggering.

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