Pajama Stories for Adults

Watch PAJAMA STORIES for ADULTS wearing your favorite pajamas! Excruciating Pain, told in my doggy pajamas, is a comical Public Service Announcement (PSA) about what you should and should not do if experiencing such pain! Covid Comfort Foods, told in my green plaid pajamas, is about not worrying about the shortage of yeast early in the pandemic, because my mother and I succeeded in getting her mother's recipe for Irish Soda Bread some thirty years ago!  Learning to Love Life, Again, told in Charles Schulz cartoon pajamas, is about sustaining a life-altering Traumatic Brain Injury (TBI), which wasn't at all funny until I learned to laugh and love life again. Intimate Conversations, told in satin green pajamas, is about straight male friends asking me, a lesbian woman, for advise about sex! 

Note: This video can be viewed anytime June 24-27.

Adults Only
Storytelling, Theatre, Virtual
Less than 60 minutes

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