Love Is...

The pandemic has limited our ability to gather in person, but sharing our common love of art cannot be stopped. We will be presenting this five year anniversary show of Love Is... virtually! Join us as we dive deep into love head first! We use our artistry, creativity, and acrobatic skills to share our experiences and understandings of Love. Also includes a special live welcoming curtain speech and a post show Q&A with the shows creators Tavi Stutz and Jane Rose.

Note: this video can be viewed anytime June 24-27
General/All Ages
Circus, Theatre
90 min

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The Show Cast:

Jacob "Kujo" Lyons 

Sarah Romanowsky 

Andrew Pearson 

Maya Kramer 

Junru Wang 

Dreya Weber 

Jane Rose 

Tavi Stutz

Pre show Cast: 

Ashleigh Doede

Jennifer Logan

Reveal Videography by: Gregory Zabiliski 

Duo Videography by: Danielle and Cory

Show Concept by: Tavi Stutz & Jane Rose

Directed by: Tavi Stutz

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