Get It Together

At a house party on a cold night in January, Mary and Harold head into a spare bedroom together. He’s there to hook up, but she wants to get to the bottom of him. As the bottles empty and the night progresses, they learn to see themselves through each other’s eyes — and they don’t like what they see.

A darkly comedic look at the anxieties and brutalities of youth, Get It Together is the story of two kids learning, harshly, how to grow up.

Content Note: Language, references to abortion  

Note: This video can be viewed anytime June 24-27.

Adults Only
Theatre, Virtual

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Written & Directed by Michael Quinn

Produced by Open Floor Plan and Maria Patitucci

Featuring: Eric Bermudez & Andie Lerner

Director of Photography: Ethan Hoo

Co-Director of Photography – Clint Pang

First Assistant Camera – Evan Miller

D.I.T. – Evan Miller

Editor – Liam Weir

Sound Designer – Griffin Robillard 

Sound Recordist – Bayne Kiser

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