As Close As I Can

Sparkling with wonder, irreverence, and laugh-out-loud moments, this love letter to the power of theater explores one woman’s unraveling and becoming in the face of extraordinary grief. A true story of losing a mother and becoming a mother - in the same cosmic cluster%!#* of a year.

Note: All seating is general admission

Adults Only
Live at a Venue
Cleo Parker Robinson Dance Theatre
119 Park Ave W, Denver, CO 80205

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Cassidy Willey (ACTOR/PLAYWRIGHT) is an actor, director, educator, writer, and mother. She has performed with several theatre and production companies in Colorado, primarily in the Roaring Fork Valley. She is also a founding member of Thunder River Theatre Company's Consensual Improv. Cassidy is currently the Program Director and Lead Teaching Artist for the nonprofit, VOICES.

Missy Moore (SUPPORTING ACTOR) is a freelance actor, director and educator who has worked throughout the state of Colorado for over twenty years. Recent credits include Trisha Lee in The Pink Unicorn (Thunder River Theatre Company/And Toto too Theatre Company), The Aviator in The Little Prince (Denver Children’s Theatre) and Pickles in Life Sucks at The Aurora Fox. Missy is thrilled to be collaborating with this fabulous group of artists and supporting new work, because it is important and essential.

Renee Prince (DIRECTOR) is the Executive Director of VOICES whose mission is to amplify unheard voices through the arts. Her favorite work is directing devised, community-based theater productions, and she is particularly passionate about physical theater. Renee has 24 years of experience as a producer, director, performer, and teaching artist with most of her work focused on rural mountain communities of the West. Currently, Renee’s work explores not only new plays, but new ways of making theater - with a primary goal of disrupting traditional power-structures that have for so long determined who gets to tell whose stories on stage and who has access to theater experiences. 

Brendan T. Cochran (STAGE MANAGER) is a freelance theatre artist based in the Roaring Fork Valley. He has worked as a director, actor, designer, and stage manager. He is planning to pursue his Masters degree in theatre in the fall at Villanova University.

Kristin (K.D.) Carlson (SCRIPT CONSULTANT) is a playwright, screenwriter, poet, fiction writer, and essayist. Her work has appeared in national and international publications including The Asheville Poetry Review, Shark Reef Literary Magazine, Daily Serving, and Writer’s Digest Magazine. Her play Unmarried in America had its regional debut in 2015 (Vintage Theatre, Aurora, CO) and is currently being developed for film. Her most recent play, “Beyond Reason,” was a semi-finalist in the 2021 Local Lab new works festival (Local Theatre, Boulder, CO).

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